Design Director specialising in digital products, user interface, interaction and UX design.

Currently Design Director @ MyBuilder


Design Principals

A collection of guiding principles that help define how I think when it comes to design.


Design for your users, not for yourself. Don’t be presumptuous. Be tolerant. Expect and handle errors with grace.


Be clear and instantly understandable. Simplify down to the minimum and justify additions.


Consider all options. Be willing to change your opinion and keep an open mind.


Small details can make a large difference. Use data to validate and avoid personal preferences.


Don’t let history or baggage constrain ideas. Leave no stone unturned to get to the right solution.


Follow best practices, but experiment. Avoid trends. Design to stand the test of time.


What I've got to offer

  • I’m a product guy through and through. A problem solver who wants to understand the problem, audience and strategy to come to a solution that can be tested and verified.

  • Diverse experience. I’ve worked extensively client and agency side on hundreds of different products across many verticals, giving me a unique insight.

  • With over 10 years of management under my belt I know how to get the most out of my teams. My collaborative style empowers designers to innovate and come to solutions they wouldn’t get to in isolation.

  • Test everything; test early, test often, test in production. Before leaving a change and moving onto the next feature or project you need to be sure what you’ve designed works. Test, iterate and decide if a feature should be rolled out, or not.

  • I am independent and self-motivated. I know when to hussle, when to compromise and and when to fight for the good of my teams and projects.

  • I’m a born multi-tasker, typically managing my attention across many active projects and teams without losing track or dropping the ball.


My experience

I’m currently Design Director at MyBuilder.com, where I work closely with the Head of Product and CTO to manage and deliver projects and features across Product.

Before this I founded a London based UX design agency who worked with clients such as The Economist, UBS, DHL, BMW, eBay, and Generali. For more than 6 years my role at Every Interaction was as CEO and Design Director. Every Interaction designed apps, products and services for startups, innovation teams and major brands. A small and specialist design team, who were able to deliver world-class solutions.

Prior to Every Interaction I was a running my own smaller digital design agency for 3 years mostly working on startup projects and MVPs. I’ve been the Head of UX at a large top London agency for 2 years, and worked client-side inside well funded tech startups on 6-12 month contracts. View my full work history on LinkedIn

My years of experience running an agency has taught me to be flexible. It has enabled me to build experience in a broad range of disciplines from business development to HR and marketing. Day-to-day I ran our projects and managed the clients. This involved leading the direction of the product development and UX, creatively directing the output and managing the production through to testing and delivery. I would take care of all client communications and workshops whilst supporting my team with their daily responsibilities.


My journey so far

I have worked in the digital design industry my entire career. After graduating on a Friday I was working in the city at an agency the following Monday. I began my my career just after the dotcom crash, working on fixed width 800x600px website designs, some in accessible HTML, others augmented with Flash. Web technologies moved on and the freedom to craft more detailed user experiences followed.

I started at a top-5 London agency in the early 2000’s which permitted me to work on a range of large client projects that presented an interesting array of challenges. Over the 5 years I stayed with this agency I got to work alongside some very talented colleagues from whom I learned a great deal.

After contracting for several more agencies I moved client-side in the start-up world which allowed me to embed myself into a company and work on digital products in a way I’d not been able to before.

Several years of product-based contracting granted me the freedom to travel the world, experiences I believe made me a more empathetic designer. I eventually settled back down in another top London agency as the Head of UX Design. I enjoyed the role and had the opportunity to work with another fantastic team. I eventually became frustrated with how the agency world at the time was still so focussed on websites. Very few were focussing on products, so I decided to make a go of it myself. I quickly built my own client list and after a few years co-founded Every Interaction.

Every Interaction focussed on delivering UX & Design services for products and apps. We built a good roster of clients who presented us with the type of interaction and design challenges we loved to solve. We grew a strong team and gained a reputation of being the people to come see if you had a complex system that needed design thinking to create or evolve.

My interests today are in solving big problems. I want to leave my dent in the universe and say I contributed to something that will affect people for the better. I want to work with great people and accomplish amazing things, which is why I am now working at MyBuilder where the team and I are building incredible products to help connect homeowners with tradespeople.